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Fancy running your own Sweet Emporium?

We now offer franchise opportunities in many parts of the country.


Someone to be part of our franchisee family; you will need to have all the positive qualities necessary for a successful business associate - drive, work ethic, honesty and a desire to achieve only the very best. You are dealing face to face with your customers, so good interpersonal skills are essential. You will be a valued and important part of the team and will continue with the high standards and traditions of the company in your own store.
The main goals of the company are to be the best  in the retail confectionery world, and to give our customers the biggest choice possible, in a warm and welcoming store filled with mouth watering product displays.
You would share a common goal with us, and join us on a very exciting journey where we will endeavour to help and support you to achieve maximum sales and profits and enjoy the whole experience.
It is however, very important to us that our franchisees are successful, we have high standards which you will need to meet, we have to be certain that you are right for us and we are right for you. We are not just selling a franchise we are searching for key members of our team.


In order to start up in any business there are many barriers to overcome, and many questions to be answered. There is a lot to learn which is often only gained through years of experience, which is both extremely time consuming as well as stressful
This is why franchising is an appealing option.

Store Experience

We operate our own successful and profitable stores which have taken years of hard work and pain-staking research to enable us to find what works, and how it works. More importantly we know what does not work! We have made mistakes so that you don’t have to. This allows us to give tried and tested formulas as an invaluable part of the knowledge, training and support we will give to our franchisees.
We know the best sites, operational issues with the sites and can guide you through the property minefield

Retail Experience

Our team include people from all walks of life with considerable and complimentary skill sets
Managing Director Robert Cawley has many years retail experience in food and non food,  he also has considerable food manufacturing and sales experience, as well as being a commercial landlord.
Operations Director Peggy Brian is a training and development executive, gained in retail and food service environments Peggy was the initial founder/director of Peggy Annes so she understands first hand how scary it is to begin your first business on your own.
Alongside this we have the best training staff, with blue chip retail experience who have great dedication in all they do at The Sweet Emporium. They want you to be  a successful franchisee and will help in any way they can to make your journey less stressful, and your staff more professional so you can start to make a profit as soon as possible.
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